Wellness in the Workplace: Our Wellness in the Workplace programs focus on the health of the organization as a whole. We implement strategies that will increase morale and employee productivity, improve negative supervision, decrease stress, reduce conflicts, improve communication and emotional intelligence. Instead of focusing only on the trees, organizational wellness aims to improve the entire forest.

Conflict Prevention via Mindfulness – An Experiential Workshop: In our Mindfulness workshops, employees will learn how to prevent conflicts. Experiential education is used to teach staff how to maintain conscious awareness. It helps improve their ability to remain present in each moment, to calmly acknowledge and accept feelings, thoughts, and body language.

Stress Reduction and Resilience Programs: Our stress reduction services can be accessed on-line or delivered in person at your work site. Each organization is unique and the needs of the company’s staff vary greatly. Therefore, we offer several methods for obtaining our programs depending on YOUR organization’s needs.

Work-Life Balance Education: We provide seminars and webinars to teach practical ways of coping with ongoing stress. We teach applicable interventions for maintaining balance at work and at home.

Supportive Peer/Management Services: We assist organizations in identifying needs and developing interventions to support staff in times of organizational/community changes, as well as personal transitions.