Whitefawn Wellness is dedicated to teaching experiential educational programs, uniquely designed to enhance positive mental health, increase emotional intelligence, and improve physical fitness. These programs also promote spiritual well-being. Exercise is not just for the body anymore. We’re here to assist others in making positive changes to the structure and functionality of their brains and bodies in order to reach the level of maximum potential. We teach physical and mental exercises using the M.A.X. Principle, which is a positive approach for the achievement goals! Flexibility, strength and the ability to endure are essential skills for the mind, the body, and the spirit!

Our Philosophy

We believe that people are multidimensional beings. The dimensions we focus on are: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In order to live harmoniously, all aspects of self must be aligned and in balance.

Mission Statement

To help people transform and thrive. We guide our clients to strive for balance in all areas of life using a variety of experiential educational processes and therapeutic techniques. We support and encourage clients to maintain a positive outlook while pursuing a journey of ongoing personal growth and continual self-discovery.


Sharon Whitefawn is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Ordained Interfaith Minister, and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She also owns and operates a Wellness Retreat Center and Three Gates B&B, both in CA. She works in the industries of mental/behavioral health, physical fitness and spiritual wellness. She has more than 25 years experience in her fields of study. Her diverse education and experiences, coupled with her passion for helping others reach their fullest potential, have compelled her to design a variety of programs that promote optimal health and well-being for body, mind, and soul. All programs are considered therapeutically synergistic and have proven to be effective in helping countless individuals transform their lives.