Cobra = Transformation!

Yoga (which means to yoke; to unite) is the science of life. Therefore, our yoga practice should be utilized for living a life of internal and external unity and balance: Psychologically, Socially, Physically, Professionally, and Spiritually.

Many people dislike snakes and think of them as creepy. However, snakes have an amazing ability to physically shed their skin. If you could shed something, physical or non-physical, what would it be? A grudge? An unhealthy habit? Negative self-talk? A non-supportive belief? A behavior that often gets you into “trouble?” Or perhaps a relationship that may have run its course; that has served its purpose.

I invite you to explore your inner and outer worlds to discover and acknowledge the practice of shedding/letting go. Practice Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) every day for a month while simultaneously bringing to mind something you are willing to begin the process of releasing. With daily practice, not only you will notice your back and your arms getting stronger, but your ability to “let go” of limiting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors will also strengthen.

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