Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Part II

Please continue to practice the Self-Awareness Meditation from last week’s blog. Remember to “visit” the four aspects of yourself on a daily basis and get to know them (yourself) more intimately than you have ever known yourself before.

Just to recap:

1-Sit comfortably, focus on your breath, and systematically scan your body from your toes to your head, for areas that are in need of relaxation…relax those areas as you focus on the breath.

2-Notice what thoughts currently occupy your mind; then return to focus on your breathing…JUST NOTICE the thoughts…Then re-focus on your breath.

3-Observe what you are feeling; what emotions are you presently aware of? Then return your focus to the breath.

4-How is you spirit? Take notice and observe…without judgement or criticism.Your spirit is best described as the attitude/energy that you exude without saying a single word. Observe how you spirit has been recently…then focus your attention on your breath.


Now you are ready for the next step! It is time to take control of your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and spirit. You have wasted enough time “wishing” for things to change. It is time to MAKE THAT CHANGE – BE THE CHANGE! You will need a rubber-band to place on your wrist…go get one…NOW please!…I’ll wait…GO!…Got it? …Ok, then let’s begin.

You already know what you want to  manifest in your life…some area that you wish was better: finances, relationship, career, etc. Get a clear picture in your mind of what it looks like to have that which you desire.

Now that you are more conscious of your selves, you can begin to discern non-supportive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By knowing what you wish to change and when your thoughts/actions are out of alignment with that goal, you begin to empower yourself. Each time you catch yourself thinking negatively SNAP that band on your wrist. Then create a supportive statement to replace the previous non-supportive one. Keep the rubber-band on your wrist for a month at the least. You may, as I did, have to replace it a time or two (mine became so stretched out after a few weeks that is simply fell off my arm one day). Please stick with this exercise for at least one month.

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