Today is the Day of the Dead

I woke up this morning with thoughts of many deceased relatives on my mind. I don’t particularly “celebrate” the Day of the Dead simply because I am not Hispanic. However, I do respect other cultures and customs. Last night I was reminded that Friday, [today], was the Día de los muertos. Halloween night just happened to be the first convenient time for my Hispanic tutor and me to begin our Spanish lessons, as it is my goal to learn to speak Español. Anyway, the Day of the Dead was a topic that briefly came up during our session and I did not give it another conscious thought afterwards. So when I woke up thinking of my father-in-law, my own father, my brothers, sister, grandparents, and friends who have crossed over into Spirit world, I chalked it up to have stemmed from the previous night’s brief discussion.

I had been planning for weeks to go to a conference on Friday, November 1st, but in the morning when I was getting ready, an inner voice said to me that I didn’t need to go. As though I was talking to myself I said, “What would I do instead?” I had been looking forward to this conference since I heard about it weeks before. As fast as I thought of the question the same (inner) voice said, “Write a book about Spirituality.” I sort of chuckled to myself thinking ‘who am I to do such a thing’ and ‘what would I call it?’ Just then another thought/intuition/inner voice came, which said, “Call it Modern Day Spirituality”.

Strangely, I began to feel a physical heaviness and almost instantly I got very sleepy right then and there. I decided that maybe my rest was more important than driving into the city during a torrential downpour and perhaps I should just lie down instead. I bargained that I could email the presenters I had hoped to meet at that conference and I could even purchase certain books and materials online. As I was resting, the thought of writing about modern day spirituality continued to seep into my consciousness and I could not shake it. As I thought more about it I decided, what the heck, it might be helpful for others who are searching and seeking that certain something that always seems illusive or ambiguous.

The truth is that I am a teacher of wellness, health, and psychoeducation. Spirituality plays a huge role in all those areas. Even though I have not done anything like this before, the lessons I have learned from my own personal and sometimes arduous spiritual journey may serve to guide others. The myriad and diverse spiritual experiences I have encountered since I was a teen could possibly benefit a fellow traveler on the path. I spent most of my life exploring and discovering various spiritual traditions; some conventional and others not-so-much. I have felt the intangible sort of emptiness inside even when the rest of my life seemed “perfect” by the standards of an outside observer. I lived and (spiritually) died more than once and have experienced the dark night of the soul. I took some risks, did some things that others may have thought were strange, dangerous, or even crazy. I traveled far and wide for my spiritual growth. I have studied with spiritual leaders of most faiths and cultures. I have done more spiritual rituals and ceremonies than I can possibly count (or even remember at this age). I have struggled, cried, prayed, argued, shut up and shut down, literally burned and froze for my spiritual growth.

I hope to help those who have this strange feeling that there is something “missing” from their lives; or feel that there is more to life yet having difficulty finding what it is. I pray that the words I write guide people of all ages, genders, religions, ethnicities, and socio-economic statuses to explore and discover modern day spirituality and thereby, discover deeper meaning in their lives. My wish is to help the world transform, be blessed, and thrive on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all, with these shared lessons, spiritually.

I believe my family and friends in Spirit World were trying to get my attention on the morning of the Day of the Dead. I believe they are nudging me out of my comfort zone and guiding me to share my journey with others. I feel strongly that I am supposed to, at least for now, teach about the importance of spirituality in ones life. I pray that these posts will assist fellow travelers on the path. In the following weekly posts I plan to share some of the things I learned along the way. In addition to sharing more of my life’s experiences, I will offer, ideas, suggestions, and experiential spiritual experiments (as I like to call them) for you to explore and practice if you so choose. Think of it as a smorgasbord for the spiritually hungry. Sample what looks interesting, avoid what does not seem appealing, and take as much of anything as you like. Allow the fruits of my labor to nourish you and help you thrive.

Be blessed and bless others along the way.


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